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Kerry Bolton: Islamophobia: Trojan Horse Amidst the Right – Part 3

Kerry Bolton: Islamophobia: Trojan Horse Amidst the Right – Part 3

The left has been terrified to bring religion into the cultural and political spectrum while the right has had no qualms about using Christianity as the bully-pulpit for conservative and neo-conservative agendas, both of which have almost nothing to do with the authentic message of Jesus; we have allowed them to co-opt the brand.

Party of the rich: commons education committee chairman robert Halfon writes for Conservative Home about how the Tories are seen as the part of the rich. says the Tories must recapture their.

MaggiezDiary: The hunger3: The Trojan Horse. July 5, 2018. everything Mariah planned to do, had worked out accordingly and amidst it all she had succeeded in convincing herself that she didn’t need anybody.. “I am on the right track” she muttered to herself as she snapped back to reality on the sound of the door opening up without a.

Kerry Bolton: Islamophobia: Trojan Horse Amidst the Right – Part 3 Islam and the West are not locked in a ‘clash of civilisations’, but a conflict between the remnants of tradition and of modernism.

Matt Weidner for Office The National Newspaper Publishers Association continues its series on missing Black women and girls

 · Our water tops out right now at 120 degrees. None of which matters, because the solenoid needs replacing on our washer, so everything is washed in cold water. So today I will take our king sized sheets, one by one, and boil them in a big pot and then run them through a cold cycle in the machine.

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This is a symbiotic conspiracy between Islamophobia, Incorporated and law enforcement: Islamophobia, Inc. is in the business of claiming there is virtually no Islamic terrorism, and law enforcement and intelligence services equally want to pretend that there’s no Islamic terrorism so that they can explain away their failures to stop Islamic terrorism by saying "Oh, that wasn’t Islamic terrorism, you see."

Powwow, beer, celebrity chefs, Highwaymen art, fish fry top this weekend on Treasure Coast Mortgage Masters Group

"[W]e, as serious people, cannot examine the concrete problems that are thrown when the Russian Federation is accused of all mortal sins without recourse to the processes (norms) created for similar cases," -from russian foreign minister sergey Lavrov’s October 18th interview with RT France.

By Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy The bailout is the biggest overt theft in history. Only healthy banks get funding –so why do they get a bailout? The ‘bailout’ is yet another monumental instance in which ‘wealth is spread around’ to those who do not need it, did not create it, did not earn it, and did not do anything productive to create it!

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