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Kerry Bolton: Islamophobia: Trojan Horse Amidst the Right – Part 3

Kerry Bolton: Islamophobia: Trojan Horse Amidst the Right – Part 3

The dirty tricks are starting even earlier than usual this year. According to the Philadelphia Daily News, "An anonymous flier circulating in African-American neighborhoods in North and West.

"[W]e, as serious people, cannot examine the concrete problems that are thrown when the Russian Federation is accused of all mortal sins without recourse to the processes (norms) created for similar cases," -from Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s October 18th interview with RT France.

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 · When the president falls hard off his high horse, as he often does, they need someone to freeze the opposition and excite the low-information masses. Amidst the ruins of the Obama presidency, the.

Today’s Guardian: Research finds killing of native people indirectly contributed to a colder period by causing deaths of around 56 million by 1600 ‘Large-scale depopulation’ resulted in vast tracts of agricultural land being left untended, researchers say. European colonization of the Americas resulted in the killing of so many native people that it transformed the.

The Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging ([friknr virstants.bvi]), meaning Afrikaner Resistance Movement, commonly known by its abbreviation AWB, is a South African neo-Nazi separatist political and paramilitary organisation, often described as a White Supremacist group. Since its founding in 1973 by Eugne Terre’Blanche and six other far-right Afrikaners, it has been.

 · Rallying the Catholic Left. By Patrick Reilly, Organization Trends, July 2012 Summary: The 2012 race for the White House may depend heavily on the Catholic vote. Catholics significantly contributed to President Barack Obama’s election in 2008, but neither Democrats nor Republicans can claim their loyalty.

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(Kerry’s description of the police visit to his home is a must-hear.) Obviously the cops were barking up the wrong tree. Far from being an Islamophobe like the Christchurch shooter(s) and the neocons behind them, Kerry Bolton is the author of a terrific three part series "Islamophobia: Trojan Horse Amidst the Right." Read it: part 1 part 2 Part 3

Dance Moms’ Star Abby Lee Miller Gets Year in Prison

So Smith went from voting machine company Hart Intercivic to voting machine company sequoia voting Systems and is now at voting machine company dominion voting Systems, where he is a VP, selling.

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